July, 2012

Summer Travel Tips

Summer is here. The kids are out of school. The days are long. It’s time for family vacations! Yes, summer is a terrific time to travel; but it can be disastrous for our bodies if we let it. Here are some tips to help prevent you from bringing back souvenirs on your waist and backside instead of in your luggage.

First of all, for any type of travel it is important to plan ahead. It seems so easy to pack our clothes, toiletries, and other essentials, yet give no thought to what we will eat while on the road. Planning ahead can prevent us from making some awful choices at the local greasy spoon when the chorus of growling stomachs in the back seat gets louder than the 56th verse of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”. Try packing a healthy picnic lunch and stopping at a city park instead of pulling into the first fast food joint you see. This way you can save money for more important impulse items along the way, give the driver a rest, AND EAT HEALTHIER.

Let’s face it, realistically; you are not going to have picnic lunches for every meal for the next five days, unless you want mutiny on your hands. But don’t get discouraged and run out to eat three large orders of French fries, two hamburgers and a Shetland pony. Another alternative to the fast food and restaurant abyss is to stop at grocery stores where it is often easier to make healthy choices.

There will be times you just want to stop at a restaurant. Again PLAN AHEAD! Before leaving, or even while on the road, (just not while you are driving!) get on the internet. Research restaurants in the areas you will be traveling. Many places have nutritional information published on the internet. Let it help guide you when deciding where to eat. You can also ask for nutritional information once you are in the restaurant. Whatever you do, once you are looking at a menu and you keep hearing Doctor Andruss’s voice in your head, don’t fight it. Just order what you would if she were looking over your shoulder!

Losing weight does not have to spoil your vacation. Be realistic about your expectations, you may not have record weight loss, but by planning ahead and making wise choices, you don’t have to come home in clothes that are too tight, regretting your vacation.

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