Weight Management

Our philosophy is to help people change their lifestyles and how they think about food so that they can maintain their weight loss long-term. All diets work if you follow them strictly. The problem is that they are not usually viable long-term solutions. We couple our programs with thorough analysis of our patients’ medical problems, medications, lifestyle and eating habits, and family histories; then develop long term lifestyle solutions that will help them keep the weight off and live happier more fulfilling lives

Dr. Andruss will tailor a program to fit your needs because we understand that everyone has a different body, metabolism, and a unique medical history. We combine balanced meals with B12 shots to increase energy and kick your fat burning metabolism into gear. Dr. Andruss offers medication in the form of appetite suppressants and/or fat blockers, as well as other prescription medications that might help certain individuals with blood sugar issues, stress issues, etc. We offer Medifast liquid protein shakes if we need to go more extreme and HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) if someone hits a plateau that cannot be broken. Most of the patients do go on some form of medication therapy to assist in the weight loss, although we have about 20 percent who do not for one reason or another. It is not a requirement of the program, although most have struggled long enough by the time they come for treatment that they want to use medications if Dr. Andruss believes it is safe and will help to aid in weight loss.

Dr. Andruss does not prescribe medication on a whim; each case is assessed on an individual basis. HCG is usually reserved for a patient who is eating healthy but is at a plateau and is prescribed and administered only when necessary. Medifast is used in the same manner. Before receiving weightloss services or products, you must become an established patient. This requires about an hour and a half of your time. This cost will include a physical exam, an EKG—which is required before weight loss medication can be prescribed safely, a B12 shot, a body fat test, and nutrition and exercise counseling. If your uniquely tailored program includes medications, you will receive a prescription to be filled at your pharmacy. HCG treatments are available at our office and consist initially of a 23-day program including daily self administered injections. If the liquid protein diet is part of your program, you will receive Medifast Shakes, 4 per day for 14 days.

Metabolic testing is offered, but is not a requirement. Dr. Andruss generally reserves this 15 minute testing for later on in the program if someone is struggling. She often uses it for patients beginning maintenance. It tells you how many calories you burn in a day and will help determine your unique caloric needs.

Because one of the most important parts of weight management is accountability, we require 15 minute follow-up visits every 2 weeks, depending on the client and how long they have been in the program. Studies show that the more often a person checks in, the better they do. State requirements for the use of weight loss medications require frequent blood pressure checks and follow-up visits as well.

Contact our office today and schedule your appointment! We want you to feel totally comfortable, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. If the office staff can’t answer your question, Dr. Andruss is always happy to return your call personally.